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MISFA Annual Report
For The Year Ended 31 March 2014

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December 2014
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By all accounts and appearances, Saweeta Durrani, a microfinance client of First Microfinance Bank Afghanistan (FMFB-A), has become a highly successful, young businesswoman, privileged to enjoy the best of both worlds. Read More
The story of 35-year old Farima is a reflection of the challenges and hardships of thousands of Afghan women. Farima was married off as a young girl—while she was a seventh-grade student—and had to stop going to school right after the wedding. Read More
sector update
As of 31 January 2015
108,241 Active Borrowers
Women Borrowers
Gross Loan Portfolio
Loan Outstanding per Borrower
Operational Self-Sufficiency
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A number of rural women in Bamyan—some used to beg for food—have recently become livestock owners with access to markets, a good standing in their communities, and income-generating skills that they have used to grow their assets. Read More
A recently completed research assesses the demand for Sharia-based financial products and services by potential borrowers in urban and rural settings in the provinces of Herat, Kabul, Jalalabad and Mazar-e Sharif. The study was conducted by APPRO ( and commissioned by MISFA. Read More
The microfinance sector of Afghanistan has reached a milestone, disbursing a combined total of more than US$1 billion to hundreds of thousands of Afghans since its official creation in 2003. This milestone, was achieved at the end of January 2011, according to the Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA). Read More
As part of the ongoing consolidation of the microfinance sector of Afghanistan, MISFA is facilitating the merging of the strengths, talents and other assets of three microfinance institutions—MADRAC, MOFAD and PARWAZ—into one new entity called Mutahid (United)Development Finance Institution. Read More
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