Following are MISFA’s implementing partners:



The First MicroFinance Bank Afghanistan (FMFB-A) has been a MISFA partner since 2007. It is currently the largest microfinance institution in Afghanistan in terms of scope and outstanding portfolio size. The bank has a network of 38 branches, covering 14 provinces. Being a bank, FMFB-A is able to offer not only microcredit, but also deposit/savings services, as well as SME loans. FMFB-A has also proven to be innovative, introducing a housing product based on client-demand and agricultural-based loan facility.

FMFB-A Website


Mutahid Development Finance Institution was established in 2011. Its creation facilitated the smooth consolidation of the best clients, staff, and resources of microfinance institutions, which exited the sector. As such, it is well placed to incorporate best practices and lessons learned from the past. MISFA provides significant support to Mutahid and believes that with its strong management and core principles of ethics, ideas and hard work, it could be a sustainable, model entity, contributing to the growth of development finance in Afghanistan.

Mutahid Website


OXUS Afghanistan was created in 2007 with funding from MISFA. OXUS Afghanistan was able to build on ACTED’s experience and past programs in the country, in particular a micro-loan initiative to provide farmers with seeds and tools for sowing. By January 2007, OXUS Afghanistan had become a registered company under Afghan law.

OXUS Website


FINCA Afghanistan started operations in 2004 with the support from FINCA International (US based parent company) then followed by MISFA and ARIES, a USAID funded project. FINCA Afghanistan offers a wide array of credit products, including individual and solidarity group loans all of which can be accessed through conventional lending or Islamic financing.  Headquartered in Kabul, FINCA Afghanistan operates through 22 branches and 11 provinces. FINCA Afghanistan is helping clients in the informal economy create their own jobs and build small businesses. Majority  of these clients are female borrowers with fewer economic and employment opportunities. FINCA Afghanistan is dedicated to helping clients build successful businesses while ensuring that they are protected from unnecessary risks through its commitment to client protection standards.

FINCA Afghanistan Website

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